Team Fabin: Est. 5.21.11

Hello, and welcome to 'Keri me home...'!
I'm so excited about this blog- an outlet to share my heart, creativity and experiences. 

For my first post as an official blogger, I'd like to share something very close to my heart. Something timeless... special... life changing. So, here it is. My blogging debut: Our wedding day! Five weeks ago (to the day) I married  my best friend and became Mrs. Fabin! It was the most beautiful and significant day of my life.

May 21st was the most perfect day to start OUR life together as 'The Fabins'. 
Everyone thought so...
The church was old.
The traditions were new.
The pearls were borrowed.
The sky was blue.


  1. Welcome to the bloggy world! What a beautiful day!! =)

  2. yes welcome to the crazy blog world! i'm so happy you're here. what a great blog! i love the concept sea cowie :) cant wait to follow you on this journey. love you ULTIMATE.


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