A whimsical Wednesday

What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit? I usually just ease right into it after Thanksgiving, but this year feels different. You know that warm, glowing, fuzzy feeling- I love that feeling! But it's been hiding from me. Maybe it's the abundance of gray and rain in Pennsylvania, OR my nonexistent Christmas decor (haven't gotten around to that yet), OR the fact that my belly still feels like it's full of turkey.

It's been making me kind of sad, so shortly after I strolled into the office this morning, I turned to a certain social-media outlet to tweet of my Christmas 'spirit(less)ness'... perhaps others were feeling the same way.

But I think I vented too soon, because when I checked the mailbox at lunch time I found an amazing Christmasy surprise from my cousin, Melanie, that gave me the nudge I needed in the right direction.
So simple. So special. So sweet.
Isn't it adorable?! Melanie is the creative mind behind Whimsical Creations. Everything she creates is made from polymer clay... all of her stuff is so stinkin' cute!

Here are the other Christmas ornaments she gifted to us for our wedding in May- I immediately got them out of storage, so that our new one wouldn't be lonely.
This one might be my favorite.
It's a mini replica of the cake topper she made for our wedding.
Three words- MUST. GET. TREE. It's going to look wayyy awesome with all of these whimsical cuties on it.

Suddenly feeling excited about our first Fabin family Christmas. : ) Thanks, Melanie.

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  1. Awww, I am glad I got you in the x-mas spirit!! It's funny, I have been meaning to mail you that ornament for about a month. :D

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post. HUGS! :D


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