A stampede of happy

Ugh. It's been a rainy, icky, phooey, mushy, ugly, gooey, muddy, dreary mess out there today.

And me NO likey!

I mean, I know the alternative is snow, but this rain is just so sad and dull. It makes me tired. So, I'd rather see some snow. Like the snow we had this past weekend, for example- on Sunday afternoon, especially. Sigh. It was the kind of winter day that moves you. Well, it was more so the horses, I think. Oh, the horses. They moved me...
These two gorgeous guys, Opossum and Drag, live in the little, red barn next to our house. Well, on Sunday they got to run 'free' in the field across the road from us, and I could have watched them all day long.
Their exuberant gallops over the softly rolling, white hills brought me joy, and energized my spirit. 

They were just so so happy, and that made me happy, too.

Anyway, I recently posted some of these playful photos on Fabin Bros. Farms' Facebook page, and couldn't resist sharing them with you, too. Enjoy!


  1. ohhh i love the one of the eye and the nose close up! i wish i was there watching that with you, so pretty and magical. i imagine those horses with a little salt in their hair...


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