Three down

About two weeks ago, on the eighth of June, my younger brother, John, graduated. He marks the third in our family to make it through the long, locker-lined halls of Seneca Valley Senior High School, and out into the world.
Only John, unlike my younger sister Tracy and I, did it with flying (nay, soaring) colors. You see, the white tassels adorning his shoulders represents his stellar 4.1 GPA (!!!!!).

Talk about honorable.

I can't even begin to wrap my head around how one can achieve such greatness at the ripe age of 18 years, but I do know that I am one proud sister...
Love {this moment} so so much.
Congratulations, John! Next stop: Penn State Behrend.

Until then, give your accomplished self a break and plunge into heaps and heaps of summer fun.

After all, I think your 4.1-attaining brain cells deserve some time off.

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  1. Amazing!! I will have to have to share this with grandma. :D See you in a few weeks!


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