A harvest widow

I've always welcomed the wonderful changes that autumn brings. The air starts to crisp, the clothes get cozy, and the colors become warm. But since I moved in with Chris about three years ago, my adoration for this time of year has hindered. Because once harvest calls, I must cope.

In the fall, the Fabin farmers are like ghosts in their homes as they painstakingly harvest field after field, after field of grain (approx. 2,000 acres of corn and 1,800 acres of soybeans this year). This battle leaves their significant others "widowed" for two long months. Yes, the term "harvest widow" attempts to poke fun at the situation, but it really is a very stressful time of year... I'm talking 12-18(+)-hour work days, seven days a week. And it has only just begun.
However, I do look forward to feeling a little less lonesome this year, considering I work for the farm now too. My heart is settled in knowing that I can catch a few more glimpses of him throughout this busy season. So while it is physically and mentally draining on Chris, and emotionally exhausting for me, I am making my peace with harvest. I may never appreciate or like my husband's absence in our home from October through the end of November, but I can most certainly learn to accept it. After all, farming is a lifestyle, and these challenges are just a part of my new (and beautiful) life as a farmer's wife.


  1. and you get some equally slow times to chill and enjoy each other for sure. i loooove that last pic of the corn!!

  2. Thanks! I know, doesn't it look like it's on fire or something?!

  3. That last photo is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Glad you get to see him more now that you are working there. It has to be hard.


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