Love at first sight

Chris' Aunt Sue introduced me to the wondrous world of auctions last Friday night. I didn't really know what to expect, but once we walked into that wood-paneled, circa 1970s fire hall, I fell in love... with an antique Ball mason jar full of old marbles and a rusty green cowbell. I had to have them.

The auctioneer started on one side of the room (full of junk), and slowly made his way to the other side... the end with all of the way-old, awesome items (where my two lovlies sat). So I waited for my time to bid, and waited.

You'd think that someone who rambled so quickly and vigorously for a living could speak his way across a small room of items in less than an hour and a half. Nope. Luckily, our anticipation and wit got us through the long wait. It was a close call on the cowbell, but I'm happy to say that my first auction experience was time well spent. Here are a few pics of my two new favorite things.
John Deere green :)
I think the mason is from the late '30s.
I love the blue hue and rustic, gray cap.
My favorite marble of the bunch.
It's love. New hobby? Yes, I'm hooked.


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