26 going on 14

So, listen. I realize that some most will not understand and/or appreciate what I'm about to tell you. I know this because I already get a lot of flack for it, but I'm going to say shout it out anyway, and I'm trusting that you will not judge me (pretty please).

I love Hanson.

YES- The easy-on-the-eyes, musically inclined, tender-hearted, all-American pop rocking trio of brothers, Hanson.

YES- MmmBop was/is their biggest hit of all time.

And NO- it's not their only song (and fyi, if it were, I would still love them because MmmBop is timeless). In fact, I'll have you know, that their newer songs are just as catchy, feel good and fun- like this, and this.

So YES (again)- I love them. And I don't care who knows it.
That's Hanson: Zac, Isaac and Taylor
But why am I telling you this?

Well, I've loved them (and their music) since the ripe, old age of 14. But 12 years ago, it was acceptable to express your prepubesent puppy love by taping tacky, Tiger Beat centerfold posters of the ones you crushed on to your bedroom walls.

Ah, those were the days...

Obviously, I can't do that anymore. I'm 26, and I have more taste than that. Not to mention, it would be weird. Really weird, actually, and I don't think my husband would approve.

So this is my 'mature', grown-up way of expressing my long-time adoration for this band of bros. {Thank goodness for blogs}

Anyway, I was seriously reminded of this love after last Wednesday, when my friend and fellow Hanson lover, Laura, and I got in touch with our teenie-bopping selves at Hanson's show held at Carnegie Library Music Hall. 
That's us.
And a pic of Kiele (she loves Hanson, too).
That's our snack pile, and there's red wine in that cup.
The perfect, edible blend of our teenage/adult selves.
That's the stage.
It was beautiful.
Holy, 1997, It was magical! Singing along and acting like a giggly, hyper-active and mildly awkward teenage girl again never felt so good.

Love can make you do crazy things, I guess.

So cheers to the young at heart, and long live Hanson!


  1. I LOVE Hanson too and everyone always makes fun of me! They will forever be my favorite boy band no matter how old I am!

  2. Haha that's so awesome! I'm glad you're on Team Hanson, Christine!

  3. haha!! Great post Keri! I too, am a Hanson lover. I was obsessed with MMMBop and I will come to you is also pretty amazing. I had no idea they are still making music.. I will definately have to check them out! =) Thanks for being shameless and admitting this. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Christa! : ) I'm so glad you love them, and that I'm not alone in my obsession.

  4. YES for this post. YAAAAY! i SO wish i was was there.. .but that pic of me... is the exact face i probably would've made anyway so.... thank you for including me! it's almost like i was there. I think when we all turn 30 (well, laura you can be less-old for a little i guess) we should do it again. or maybe 35. that'd be a sight. 3 cheers for the no-shame and carrying on a love so pure and fun, forever. ps- zac totally grew up to be the hottest one, i knew it all along.

    1. I wish you would have been there so much too.. but the pic of you (and that face) makes me feel better (good thinkin', Laura!)... and fyi: they're ALL pretty good lookin' these days. ; )

  5. About to date myself but I was a smidge too old when Hanson became big BUT I can definitely appreciate going insane over a boy band because I cried my eyes out when I saw NKOTB in boston on their reunion tour a couple years ago. I almost fainted. Long live boy bands and girlfriends:)


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