A corny post

Corn. Corn. Corn. I see corn... seas of corn. Everywhere. Every day.

I was outside throwing frisbee for the dogs last week. Callie is great at fetch. She retrieves balls, frisbees, sticks, squeaky toys, bones (etc.) EVERY time we play. On the other hand, Rocco is a work in progress. He's more of the 'chase-and-leave-it-there' types... ugh. Annoying. So when my impeccable frisbee skills landed their drooly red disc in the cornfield behind the house, I had to go in and find it. Awesome. As I hunted through the sea of green, I noticed something: This corn stuff is actually kind of beautiful. The (almost) sunset made the leaves really vibrant and glowy. Pretty cool. So, I took a few shots to share with you...

The Fabin farmers plant about 1,500 acres of field corn in April/May, and harvest in October/November. This isn't the delicious, sweet corn you eat at picnics; it's used to produce livestock feed, dog food, ethanol, etc.

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  1. Very pretty photos.

    We had a kitty growing up that would fetch. ;)


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