Poolside doodles

Unless you've been cave dwelling this summer, you know it's hot. HOT hot. I live for the season's sunshine, but this sticky, thick heat is too much. It's unbearable. The two window ac units in our old farmhouse don't seem to be doing much these days (not that I expect them to in this weather).

We haven't needed to mow our crispy, brown lawn in about four weeks, and most of my pot-restricted flowers are sad and clinging to life. It's bad. Our family is desperate for relief, including the dogs. So, Saturday morning, hot and annoyed, I set out to find us some 'chillaxing' fun. Perhaps the Fabins need a swimming pool!?! Yes.

My big dreams of floating in cool, chlorinated water were crushed when I realized the only pool I could afford was this 6 ft. round snapset contraption. Then, my panting pooches came to mind: Doodle pool!!! I hurried home, unwrapped my purchase, filled it up with water, and created a back-yard doggy oasis.

They loved my surprise, especially Callie. She is obsessed with everything/anything water... ponds, rain, puddles, baths. I knew she'd love this. They had the best time together... romping, splashing and chasing (note the caved-in, droopy pool sides). Adorable. I love my cool, happy pups.



Out (repeat)

A girl after my own heart.

Wherever you are, I hope you're staying cool, too!


  1. OH they are adorable!! i love the pic of them both looking up at you. they love you so much. and the last one, she's pooped! ohhh love :)

  2. AND good idea!! i should have done that for myself around here. the ocean water was SO cold these past few days when it was really hot out. luckily, it's back to warm for your visit soon.


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