Michigan on a mason jar

Michigan is a place I hold very close to my heart. Much of my childhood was spent in Petoskey, MI visiting my dad's side of the family. I still carry memories of raspberry picking with my grandma, lakeside rock hopping with my sister, and dairy farm exploring with my little cousins. So, when my aunt and uncle offered their beautiful, 'up north' vacation home to Chris and I as a honeymoon getaway, I was elated. We gladly accepted. I couldn't wait to share this very special place with my new husband. So, two days after our wedding, we made the long, nine-hour haul to Petoskey (with this note on our back window)...
Luckily, our fellow drivers' celebratory horn honking, big-day reminiscing and lovely sing-along'ing' kept us  entertained, and we were there in no time. Arriving in Michigan brought back so many memories... it looked exactly the same and so different at the same time. You know what I mean? It's weird. I guess everything looks/feels different when you're revisiting a piece your childhood as an adult. The little town is strewn with trendy restaurants and boutiques, and also, quaint antique shops and old specialty stores. It's awesome. Chris loved it too, which made me love it even more. We had a wonderful time together... time spent shopping, indulging in delicious food and relaxation, and exploring. These explorations included many scenic drives, a bike ride around Mackinac Island (a historic, vehicle-free island on lake Huron with really good fudge), and long, romantic walks on the shore and through the woodlands.
On one of our hikes, I found a big piece of birch-wood bark, among other interesting Michigan treasures, like Petoskey stones. I'm a big scrounger (usually for shells) so I kept it. When we returned home to Pennsylvania, I unpacked my bag of vacation keepsakes and contemplated my utilization of this cool tree part. Well, it sat, sad and alone, in my craft tote until my recent obsession with mason jars inspired me to create this little honeymoon memento...

Mason Jar Crafting: Birch-wood lantern 
I carefully shredded thin, tissue-paper-like strips...
and paper mached three small jars.
I wrapped each with wire and attached them vertically.
And then, the tea lights...
set my lantern aglow.


  1. cooool! keep up these crafties. i love it!

  2. Im glad i could share it with you! :-)


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