My alone time

Yesterday was a good day... not super exciting or productive, just good. Chris was out of town touring a combine factory in Illinois, which left me with some alone time. Of course I always miss my husband while we're apart, but I think it's healthy to miss the one you love (once in a while), and spend time with yourself to do nothing. Well, not nothing... I washed dishes, painted a ceiling, cleaned the stove, went grocery shopping and unclogged my bathroom sink. Those things weren't so fun, but eating as many crackers with cheese as I want (judgment free) while watching 'Soul Surfer' last night in my pajamas was! Anyway, I think oftentimes people mistake the idea of loneliness with being alone. Nope! They are two totally different things. I think alone time is positive, empowering and underrated... there is something to be said about a person who can spend and enjoy time solo. And loneliness... *sigh* Well, nobody wants to be lonely (I hear the old Christina Aguilera/Ricky Martin ballad in my head right now). Luckily, lonesomeness never has the chance to creep in while I'm home without Chris because my sweet, devoted doodles are always at my side. At the risk of seeming like a crazy dog lady (guilty), fun with Rocco and Callie is the best way I can think of to spend almost any kind of time, especially my alone time. They just make me laugh. P.s. Technically, I think it's still considered time 'alone' when your only company have tails...
Callie enjoyed the horses...
... while Rocco enjoyed their poo.
Alone time well spent, indeed!

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  1. awwwwe doodles! reflection time is, in fact, necessary :)


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