Purpley thrills

My 13-year-old brother inspired this colorful post. On a recent Cedar Point getaway, Jake made a bold declaration of love for a certain color. It was on our last full vacation day that mom suggested we purchase these bright, white-lettered 'Cedar Point' t-shirts to wear that evening during 'Starlight' hours. Surprisingly, everyone agreed, and chose their shade at the gift shop. I went with orange, mom felt pretty with pink, Tracy decided to rock bright blue and Jake, to our surprise, wanted purple. Hmmm. As we questioned his unique decision, he insisted that it was not strange for a boy to like and/or wear purple. He was quite convincing. Now, I'm not sure if he wanted it so badly because it's not 'the norm' for dudes to love purple, or because it truly IS a great color. I wholeheartedly appreciate either reason, but knowing Jake, I think both aided in his t-shirt selection that day. I really admire his confidence. It's awesome. Not all guys would feel so secure in wearing purple-colored clothing. But that's just Jake. He is a true individual and always wears his heart on his sleeve, especially his purple ones...
So, after our trip, I really started to notice (and love) all the purpley-hued things around me... they just make my heart happy.
 I hope your heart is happy too!
Thanks for the inspiration, Jake. I love you.


  1. oh this is the best post!! i love jake, and purple, and you, and those toes! and that is an awesome pic of the seated twirly ride. LOVE all around! thanks for starting my day off happy!

  2. Glad you're having a happy day. Thanks for the sweet comment! I miss you...


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