The light !

I am delighted to announce that the 2011 Fabin Bros. Farms' harvest is almost complete. Almost. Unfortunately, the heavy rain delayed our efforts this season, but an end is finally in sight... only a few more fields left to combine.
A combine harvester is a machine used to harvest grain crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans. It cuts the grain and passes it through a threshing mechanism. It's inner rotating parts remove the grain from the plant and shred the remnants. The product goes into a cleaner which separates the clean grain from immature grains and small bits of straw. It is then stored until the combine can be emptied.
Since the fields are still so mucky, they'll most likely have to harvest the remainder of the corn after the ground freezes, but it didn't stop Chris' brother and dad from combining behind our house last week. Which made/makes me happy for three reasons. Because one, another field down(!!!) two, it's really neat to watch and, three, it brought on the ceasing of Rocco's 'into the corn' disappearing act.

Anyway, I decided to snap a few pictures of them harvesting from the barn to post on the farm's Facebook page. The view was perfect.

 from the inside, looking out
and from the inside, in
Either way, I could see the light.

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