Pine & burlap

Chris and I call Indiana County home, but it's also called the Christmas tree capital of the world. Yup, pretty cool, huh? So, since our first 'cohabiting' Christmas in 2008, we have always cut down our own tree. And last Sunday we got our first, official Fabin family Christmas tree at Gamble Tree Farms in Shelocta (yay!!!).

Our 2010 tree was less than desirable and quite the disappointment. It was a balding, leaning, prickly little fella that fell over twice, breaking several of our precious ornaments (grrr). And instead of blaming ourselves for purchasing a problematic pine, and/or our lack of patience while putting it up, we blamed the tree. And the tree farm. Naturally.

So we needed a new place.
I figured that this new Fabin family needed to start making brand-new Fabin family traditions. We heard about Gambles through our friends, the Goods. They truly live up to their name... good friends, with good advice. We loved everything about this place.

Each year, the first three weekends after Thanksgiving, Gamble Tree Farms holds a "Christmas Fest" at their 200-acre pinetree wonderland, offering hayrides, coco and hot dogs, among many other awesome things. They even sell handmade crafts and antiques in this really cool 150-year-old barn. It was a lot of fun.

New Christmas tradition? I think so...
Hello, Douglas.
I had them saw off a 'sentimental' slice of the trunk.
I'm drying it to make an ornament... any tips?
Although it didn't feel like we should be tree hunting in 60(+) degree weather, I took it all in. Especially all of the Christmasy smells. There's nothing like the intoxicating scent of fresh-cut pine. I'm also loving the smell of our new burlap stockings. : )
Our other purchase from Gamble Tree Farms.
his & hers
Yes, I can sew (kind of).
Click here for DIY burlap stockings.
We don't have a fireplace to display our new lovlies, so I tapped into my
resourcefulness with three sets of vintage door knobs and barnwood.
There is already so much I love about this time of year, but I'm really looking forward to creating more of our own family memories together (like this). So, I'm open to ideas. I want to know: What are your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. ahhh! i LOVE that idea of cutting off a sentimental piece. I'm sad I didn't think of that! for an ornament with it, I would do the simplest to it and just drill a hole and hang. Or, you could wrap a ribbon or twine around the whole outside edge til it ties at the top, to hang. i know, i'm not that helpful! but i just think its so cute that it doesnt need much fancy. you are adorable with your stockings, too. LOVE

  2. Super cute!! Love new traditions like that. :)

  3. Thanks girls! Especially for the tip, Ki! I took your advice and it looks super cute and rustic! I'll post pics soon.


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