A not-so-sweet frosting

Oh, the weather outside is frosty. Not quite frightful- but I think it's getting there. Even though the first day of winter isn't until December 22! If you ask me, it should not act like winter if it is NOT, in fact, winter. Right?

So obviously, cold weather is not my best friend. I don't like it. Well not necessarily the cold, just wayyy bitter cold and the ugly chores and burdens that come with it. Like, scrapping cement-like snow and ice off of my car in the morning- that might be my least favorite thing to do. Ever.

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's because I grew up in an (almost) snow-less world, but the things that I actually do like about winter are somewhat superficial.

For example: I love how a light snow dusting can make a seemingly lifeless tree come to life, OR the temporary absence of lawn care, AND the comfort of hiding any extra lbs. in something warm and cozy.
Softly snow-drenched Christmases are the best too.
Which, FYI, is coming up quick!
But yea, that's pretty much it. : )

So after Christmas is over, I think I'll be done with winter. I'll (hopefully) have had my snowy, magical-tree veiwing fullfillment, want to trade my Ugg boots for flip flops, and get outside to mow the lawn.

How many "DAYS TILL SPRING"?.. maybe I should get a countdown for that too.


  1. i 100% thought you were going to give me a recipe for a not so sugary cake frosting. lol. but i'm happy you didn't because then i'd have had to make it... and i don't need that. you're such a good writer.. i like the "temporary absence of lawn care and the comfort of hiding a few extra lbs...."

  2. Haha thanks! And p.s. I appreciate that you thought this post was going to be a recipe.. ;)

  3. LOL! I am over winter, too. Last year did me in and I am ready to move to a warmer place. My husband keeps reminding me that if we move to a warmer place we will have to trade snow for floods, hurricanes and/or tornadoes....guess I will stick with snow for now. :( I am missing flip flops.

  4. Yea, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, Melanie. Hurricanes are no fun either. Stay warm up there! ; )

  5. maybe it will be a white christmas? we are getting our fair share of snow too....have already surpassed last year's total! happy christmas!
    marci x


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