Blooms among gloom

Despite the recent sad and disappointing news involving the Penn State scandal, it's still a place I enjoy visiting. Mostly because it's a place Chris truly loves- a place he once called home.

But within the past few years I've found my very own reasons to love it, too.

Case in point: The Arboretum at Penn State.

Last weekend, Chris and I attended the Young Farmers & Ranchers picnic at the Agricultural Research Center near the university with his cousin, Andy. And while the picnic offered great food, good company and some new information, my solo stroll through these gardens was the highlight of this particular trip to State College.

I was in a sweet, prismatic botanical heaven...


  1. I love these! My faces are the pink coral sprouties/dangles and the lillypadness ( I think number eighteen down or up smack in middle) that I am going to go and paint from right now because it just is awesome and you've cropped it in the best way possible. You should send the arboretum a link tO this!

  2. And I love your dress I wanna see the whole thing

    1. Oooh paint from my photo! SAWEET and Thanks! The red/pink/coral ones were my favorite, and in the pond they had this plant called a 'water mimosa' that when you touched the leaves it would like curl up in itself. It was so awesome! Maybe we'll make a trip to Penn State next time you're here and we can stroll the gardens together. And p.s. that's actually the shirt I was wearing when I picked you and your mom up from the airport in April 2011. Ha... don't ask me why or how I remember that.


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