My 'deere' niece

My niece and fellow countrified girly girl, Alaina, and I have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. We even had a sleepover party last week at my house!

We tie dyed shirts for the Fabin Fourth (seventh) of July party last Saturday, made pony bead sun catchers, ate corn dogs and french fries for dinner, watched part of The Emperor's New Groove until she decided that it was too scary, attempted to make friendship bracelets, and snuggled in my bed together because she didn't want to sleep alone, insisting that Chris would be just fine on the couch.

It was all pretty memorable and adorable and awesome.

Anyway, Alaina even spends time with me at work now that school's out for summer. She and Julia like to hang out with me in the office and draw/color/scribble pictures with my highlighters, retrieve documents from the printer for me, practice their paper-cutting skills, and even greet the truck drivers.

It's pretty great, and I love the company.

But late last month, I managed to pry the printer paper, tape and highlighters from her creative little fingers, and get outside to play on the farm (and fulfill my not-so-hidden agenda of capturing some shots for the "Children on the Farm" photo contest that my sister in law, Beth, told me about through the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau).

Luckily, Alaina was willing to oblige, and ended up really enjoying our playful little photo shoot.
This is the photo I submitted.
It was a tough choice but it is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

It's all so her and so 'farmy'- the geniality in her smile, her messy blond curls, the John Deere hat, her happy eyes, the red ruffles, her dimples, the hay... Oiy! To say that I'm obsessed with this picture of my niece would be an immense understatement.

But here are some of the others, too.


And if you'll be at Ag Progress Days this August, make sure to vote for our picture!
Those are my shades.
And that's her Grandpa's hat.
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the... weeds.

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  1. She is just adorable! You are such a wonderful aunt. You did a great job and I hope you win. :D


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