Hot child in the city

Sunday, July 1, 2012: Chris and I left the quiet comfort of our quaint, country sprawl, put on our "city slickaaahhh" shades, and spent some time at The Three Rivers Regatta celebration in Pittsburgh.

Or as he kept calling it, "The Three-Cheese Ricotta"...

Anyway, it was a HOT HOT HOT day, but we managed to have some good ole urban fun together regardless.

Here are a few shots from our HOT and sweaty adventure in "The City of Bridges".

*And please pay no mind to my shiny forehead. I did mention it was a HOT day, right?
^ Our failed jumping shots ^


  1. i love all of these! enter them in to that contest laura said, i agree. three cheese ricotta, chris! I love him! and i loooove your hair and your dress in these!! you are too cute for life.


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