Hello, Spring.

Ahhh, Spring. You're here, and you're good. Oh, so good.

I can feel you. Hear you. Smell you. See you- finally.

You might be unusually premature this year, but you won't find any complaints from me. You are welcomed. Warmly welcomed, in fact, with open arms... widely reaching, unbarred arms.

You have nourished my soul, and provided me with an urgent push to put on my new sneaks, and get outside...
My new kicks- Like 'em?!
I do.
Outside to explore. To wander. To discover. To take in and enjoy all of nature's artistry. To hush the inner chatter, if only for a moment. To look outward, and appreciate my surroundings. To soak in all of the glory and goodness.

And I thank you for it.
Here are a few shots from a lovely excursion with Callie last week. She's the best little walking/hiking companion- the heartbeat at my feet.

I love her. She loves me. And we love our outdoor time together. l.o.v.e.

Anyway, I went a little camera crazy, but I couldn't resist. It was just so colorful and budding and beautiful and wonderful...


  1. OH. MY. LOVE. these pics are amazing! you must have some serious zoom on your camera to get those little buds. i love the one with the tiny green bubbles/in a pod. i love the string of these spring pics together. seriously! as if talking to you this morning wasn't enough, i am now even more energized by these. i would love a walking buddy. wanna send me callie? i'm hoping i'll come around ... ;)

    1. Thanks!!! We will take many walks when you visit. And I could loan you a doodle I suppose... just let me know how to get her to you. I know that she would LOVE the ocean. Maybe one day... !!!

  2. Beautiful!!

    We have been LOVING the weather here, too. We have been talking lots of walks, too. The kids seem to complain more than a dog would, LOL. Except for yesterday when we walked for ice cream. ;)

    1. Haha yeah, well ice cream would coax me into walking pretty much anywhere.

  3. lovely shots. i am so excited about spring too! have a lovely weekend! xo


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