New & good

Here's what's new, good and up with me recently: 

Back in the burbs
I made the hour-and-a-half trip back to suburbia to visit my family this past weekend. My visit was pretty fun and eventful. Here's what I did.

>I boogied hard at Jergel's Rhythm Grille with my sister, my friend, Heather, and my mom and a few of her friends on Friday night. Our favorite, local disco funk band, Dancing Queen was playing. I say that like I know a ton of 70's cover bands- I don't. I just know Dancing Queen, and they rock. It was a blast.

>I got a hair cut- a free one from my sister. And I love it. Not because it was free, but because I feel like a new woman. Thank you, Tracy, for ridding me of terribly long, uneven, dingy, end-splitting locks.

>I enjoyed a sushi lunch at Jimmy Wan's. MY favvvvvvorite!

>I watched the best scary movie I've seen in a long time with my mom on Saturday night- Fright Night. Then I watched Twilight: New Moon (for the fifthish time) to restore my faith in the vampire species- I felt much better afterward.

>I took my family's Yorkie for a neighborhood stroll. Walking Fergie is much different than walking my giant hounds. When she pulls on the leash it doesn't violently jolt your entire body forward, she doesn't romp through mud puddles and/or cow poop, and she even poses for pictures.
Sometimes I don't even think she's a dog...

Durdy is dandy
So remember I told you about my pet rabbit being under the weather? (here is the post if you don't recall) Well, I'm happy to report that Durdy's head is un-tilted, back on straight, right-side up and looking fuzzier and cuter than ever. I'm so glad he's better!

Terrible two
Our niece, Julianna, just turned turned two- and she's not terrible at all. She's quite delightful, in fact. Her wit, bouncy blonde curls and charm continue to tickle my funny bone and tug on my heart strings. But don't take my word for it...
See? I told you. What a doll. I love her.

Happy birthday, Julia!

Gaining with Lose It!
Have you heard of this weight loss website? Well, let me tell you, it is amazing. Chris and I are addicted. You have to check it out!

After forcing myself to weigh in this weekend, I decided that I need to lose a few quite a few LBS. I'm calling these LBS 'love pounds'. Because I'm a loved and happily content newly wed who steadily cooks and bakes and very heavily snacks- that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, I'm desperately feeling the need to shed these extra, pesky pounds before my love handles require their zip code or something. And Chris has decided the same, so we've been using the Lose It! app on our Droids... we can scan bar codes on food and everything. Very cool.
Pic taken on my phone while on a long hike with Callie last night.
{Gettin' my ducks cows in a row}
We've both been really into it, and exercising- I hope it stays that way. It's always easier to get healthy and stay on track with an encouraging buddy by your side. I already feel better!

K-FAB hearts P-DUB
My one and only pioneering, red-headed idol, Ree Drummond, AKA The Pioneer Woman is coming to Pittsburgh for a book signing on Monday, and my gal pal, Laura, and I are going! I'm so anxious/excited (borderline crazy) to meet her.

I bought her new cook book yesterday, but I was also thinking about having her sign a cooking utensil for fun- you know, because I want to be cute and stand out and receive an invite to dinner with her on the ranch in Oklahoma. A girl can dream, right? So my mom suggested a wooden spoon. Any other ideas?

I also just started reading her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels-A Love Story. I'm already on chapter five, and so far it's laugh-out-loud hilarious, adorable and heart warming. Not that I would expect anything less... I just adore her.

Well, that about covers it. What new and good things are happening for you?


  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend. It's always fun to go home.

    They are wrong about the age 2...age 3 is worse.

    Glad to hear your bunny is doing better!

    I had been meaning to get back to you about the book signing. I am glad to hear you are going. I couldn't go because I am already going to scrap and spa the following weekend. :( I can not wait to see photos and hear all about it!! Have a wonderful time with your friend. Maybe next time.

    Hugs! :)

  2. i love the title of this post. this is an awesome post in all ways. a little bit of everything! i love it.

    saw Ree Drummond on The Chew yesterday and thought of you the whole time.

    Julia- Oh Em GEE Julia!! I want to see her so bad. She is so big- and it looks like her hair is strawberry blonde? its so pretty and curly!! love.

    I also 100% agree with your story about the LBS. It's a common theme amongst us newlywed lovers. your tiny amount of fat is cute, and worth it, and part of the story, and i am in the same boat- BUT i'm so glad for you to find a tool that helps now that its springtime and we can all come out of our holes. i might just join in!



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