A wittle weather

Lately, we Fabins have been under the weather...

The Mother Nature Kind
It rained a lot last week. Hard. And we even heard some thunder. Yeah, pretty strange for February, but it did make for a great post-storm sky, with some pretty peaceful blue, grey and gold hues.
And now that we are in to March, we're seeing more white and feeling more cold, providing scenes resembling the innards of a Christmas snowglobe.

I. Am. Over. It.

AND more importantly...

The not-feelin'-good kind
While Chris and I have both finally gotten over our recent, painfully prolonged colds, the Fabin I was/am most concerned for is Durdy. 

He is my Holland lop rabbit adowable, wittle, fuzzy wuzzy, white and gwey bunny wabbit.
Awwwwwwwe. I wuv him.
My poowah, wittle sweet hawt. He's not feewin' vewy well. : (

Last Monday morning I noticed that his head was curiously tilted to the left. And unfortunately, I had a lot of time to think about all of the possible causes as I called almost veterinarian in the area because our regular one (and most) will not treat small animals- So dumb.

But luckily I found an animal hospital located 30 minutes from our house that sees bunnies, so I took him in later that afternoon.

The vet informed me that there are many causes for a head tilt/wry neck in rabbits, and that it can be fatal but most do recover with regular doses of antibiotic and physical therapy.

So like a good pet parent, I've been doing just that. He gets 2.5 mL of medicine through an oral syringe once a day and PT on his head and neck. It's been over a week now, and his head is still a bit off, but he is eating, drinking and playing like his normal, lovable, fuzz-ball self, so I'm hopeful.

In time the exercises should retrain his brain, and correct the position of his head, but we'll just have to wait and see- Cross your fingers!


  1. poor little guy! is his head tilted in that pic? he looks so normal and cute there! beautiful sky, p.s.

    1. I have him swaddled up in that pic, so you can't see the tilt.

  2. Poor little guy! Hope he gets better soon!

    I am over winter, too. Not that this winter has been as bad as last year....I just want more sunshine. :)

    1. Thanks, Mel! Today is a spring day in PA... so hoping it sticks.


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