For Emily

You, darling little angel, stole our hearts from the very moment we met you.

It was August 30, 2011- the day you were born. A day I will never forget. It was an amazing day.
I was such a proud, elated auntie, eager to welcome you into this world and into my heart.

Uncle Chris and I met you at the hospital that night. We brought you white carnations in a baby-pink vase, and a card for your mom and dad.

You were a teenie, tiny 8 lb., 8 oz bundle of Fabin joy. Your hair was dark and your eyes were blue. Every single thing about you was amazing and adorable.

I couldn't get enough of you.

In fact, after the hospital's visiting hours were far past over, your uncle had to pretty much drag me out of there... I didn't want to leave your side, my sweet, new niece.

I just wanted to keep holding you, and cuddling you, and kissing you, and loving you...

I needed so badly to soak up every bit of your preciousness.

And I consider myself lucky and so blessed, because for eight short, yet wonderful months, that's what I got to do.

I soaked you all in- all of your baby beauty and goodness. Your bright eyes. Your chubby, pinch-worthy cheeks. Your darling personality. All of your drooly smiles and infectious giggles... it's all in there.

You're a part of me, in my heart and in my soul.

And while we only held your hand for a short while, we will hold your heart in ours forever. Thank you for bringing your Uncle Chris and I so much joy, Emily Morgan. I am so grateful for every single moment that I got to spend with you. I will cherish those moments forever.

Rest in peace, baby girl. Heaven is undoubtedly a brighter, sweeter place with you up there- I just know it.

We will miss you always and love you forever.

infinite x's & o's -- Aunt Keri


  1. Hi Keri - I found your blog when Chris posted this link on Facebook. I briefly attended high school with him, but it was obvious even then that the Fabins were a strong family, with an even stronger faith.

    I just want you to know how sorry I am for this tragic loss. She was a beautiful baby, and she was lucky to know more love than most people ever will.

    You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh Keri, this is so beautiful. It made me cry. This is the perfect way to put it, the best way to remember, and the sweetest letter to your precious niece. Never-ending hugs and kisses to emily, to you, to uncle chris, and to all the fabins. i love you.

  3. Keri, I can't even begin to imagine how you feel right now. I'm sitting at work wiping tears off my desk. I don't even know what else to say. So, so sorry.


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