I found mine at an elementary school

Today, one lovely year ago, I wrangled myself a husband- a really good one.

Well, I suppose the 'wrangling' was done before then, but May 21, 2011 was the day I officially tied my man down. And I'm not meaning to make marriage sound like a dirty, honky-tonk rodeo, but that's what you have to do when you find a keeper- you wrangle, and tangle, and hold on to him for dear life.

OR perhaps living in the country can cause one to compare one's relationship with rambunctious bovine roundups from time to time.


But I can assure you that our wedding was far from rowdy (up until the last couple of hours of it, anyway). It was so sweet, so fun, so full of love and so romantic... It was definitely one of the best days of all the days that I've lived (even inspired my first blog post).

And if I could freeze time, that beautiful May day is the day I would happily frolic around and live in forever and ever.
Photography by Yos Wisnu
Anyway Chris is pretty great, so of course I had every intention to post on our anniversary. But my friend, Laura, actually inspired the angle of this post.

You see, Laura has not yet found Mr. Right. And we aren't sure why. Ideally, she'd meet 'the one' organically like I did (none of that online dating business- it's just not for her) but it just hasn't happened for her yet, although I always tell her (and all my single friends) that it will.

So the other day she frustratedly asked the age-old question: Where does a good gal find a good catch?


While that's a great question, it's one that can not be answered simply.

Obviously Laura did/does not believe that I hold the one, true answer to such a profound inquiry, which is a good thing because I have no idea where all the good ones (that are left) are hiding, but I felt the need to respond anyway.

So I did- honestly and candidly:

"I found mine at an elementary school."

Yup. That's where I met my hubby. It was 2008, just before my college graduation. I wasn't looking for him necessarily, but I was looking for a part-time job. And so I got one... with the Boys & Girls Club of America program at Homer-Center Elementary School.

Then, I eventually got Chris, too. Which was quite the surprising bonus... because he's pretty much one of the coolest guys I've ever known. And I don't mean cool like Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford or any of the actors that played Batman, but cool like Will Ferrell.

Anyway, I could totally gush right now and spill our little love story all over my blog... go on and on about our first encounters and dates and kisses, which would get more "hahas" than "awes" for sure.

So I'll just tell you that our 'firsts' involved the playing of numerous outdoor sporting games such as flag football and kick ball on the playground, one adorable accusation of 'lolly gagging', excessive flirting amongst children, one badly injured thumb and a 'helpful' drive home, many endearing Facebook and text messages, and countless awkward moments that eventually led to some of our favorite inside jokes.

And four years later, these things are still happening...

While we don't play football anymore, Chris watches it religiously. Lolly gagging happens from time to time (I'll tell you it's him, and he'll tell you it's me). The flirting has continued, not excessively and no longer around large groups of kids. Chris is still getting hurt, and we still text sweet nothings to one another... and somethings, too. And, naturally, life with Chris is still awkward and hilarious and amazing- my life is an endless spinning wheel of singing, laughter and inside jokes.

Every day is a new adventure- I keep him guessing, and he keeps me laughing.

And while I'll admit that this past year has not been the easiest, it has undoubtedly been the most fulfilling. Through the good days and the days of doubt, the joys and the sorrows and the ups and the downs, Chris is there- my buddy for life.

And to think it all began at an elementary school... You just never know who or where or when or why or how, so you just have to trust your heart because it knows feels best.

Thank goodness we followed ours.

Happy first anniversary, Christopher- I love you.

And GOOOO Team Fabin!


  1. GO team fabin!!! i love this post. such a sweet story, so simply and beautifully put. and the tight pants video to describe chris made me literally LOL. you guys have such a fun story, and surrounded by kids and games and laughter, it's the perfect setting for the rest of your lives. congrats on the first year! one down, 100+ more to go. so much love and thanks for sharing the sweetness- have a great day!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!! :)


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