My Rocco may look like a big, mean junk-yard dog, and act like a fearless protector, but it's all for show. I promise. His bark is worse than his bite (pardon my unoriginality).

Really, he might as well be a bitty lap dog. 

He wouldn't harm a fly, well, maybe a fly... or a frisbee, or a mouse, or a spider, or a moth... which is fine- welcomed even.

But attack mode truly sets when he's challenged by his worst enemy- the wickedly dreadful garden hose of doom.


It's just a regular hose, but to Rocco, it's the most vile, loathed, heinous and terrifying thing in all the universe...

He wants to kill this thing- truly make it suffer.

ANNNNDDDD it's pretty hilarious to watch him try.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a wildly large amount of satisfaction from teasing him with it, but he really shouldn't have devoured the cat's food last week... and all that horse poop in the barn after I specifically asked him not to.

: )

Revenge is sweet.

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