A birthday post

Today marks the beginning of my 26th year, but I've been sharing in birthday celebrations with family all week. Lucky for me, both sides know one of the ways to my heart is through the consumption delicious food. On Sunday my Mom threw my Dad (his b-day was on the 3rd) and I a tiki-themed shindig where we engorged ourselves on apps, drinks and a scrumptious surf-and-turf dinner. Then last night, Chris' mom made a yummy lasagna supper, followed by homemade raspberry-filled cupcakes for my brother in law and I (his b-day is tomorrow). Mmmmmmm is right! While I'm not quite sure what's in store for me today (or what I'll have for dinner), I want to start off this 'new age' of life with a special post. So, in typical blog fashion, I'm sharing a photo... from 1985. It's one of my favorite pictures with one of my favorite people. I miss her every single day, and I'd love to be able to celebrate today with her... though, I'm not sure she would have cooked/baked anything for me. Luckily, her hugs and kisses were always enough.
Grandma Margaret & I


  1. ahhh i could cry AGAIN! look at that little smile... and whata beautiful post.


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