New family

I have a lot of new family, considering I just got married this May. Chris' family is huge... much much larger than mine. His mom has five sisters and three brothers, and his dad has three brothers and two sisters, and the majority of them have children AND grandchildren. Trust me, all those numbers add up. It's quite the event when everyone gets together... which happens once a year on both sides. It's awesome. The Fabin family celebrates the fourth of July together on the farm, and the Wiley crowd reunites mid summer as well. Anyway, I think my favorite part of all this new family is being an aunt. It's a pretty cool title, and I think I'm doing alright at it. According to our niece, Alaina, at a recent family dinner, I am '500% fun, and Uncle Chris is only 2%'. Chris didn't like that very much, but she's a pretty smart five year old, so I trust her judgment...
Wiley Reunion potato-sack races: Brady, Ryan, Jack & Alaina
Little Julia
Ok, so let's talk about the teenie, tiny inspiration behind this blog post: The newest of my new family! Drum roll, please. On August 30, our family grew just a smidge bigger... Weighing in at 8lbs. 8 oz., meet the brand-new, dark-haired, blue-eyed baby Fabin: Emily Morgan!
There's absolutely nothing in this world like a new baby. Congratulations to her proud parents, and cheers to auntiehood!


  1. Yes... we brought her flowers and I got to hold her and kiss her and talk to her :) but those pics didn't turn out so well b/c I didn't want to cam flash in her little eyes. She's so precious. I just love her... Chris had to pretty much drag me out of the room after 45 minutes bc visiting hours were wayyyyy over.


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