Cattle Xing

Well, this past Tuesday morning started off like any other regular rainy day, but it ended pretty irregularly. I was scheduled to train on accounting in the office, while Chris was to start weaning some of the calves from their mommas. Our work tasks were carried out accordingly, until around 11:30 am...
While sitting at my desk, I received a phone call from one of Chris' coworkers who was helping him separate the animals. He said, 'Keri, you need to come up here. I think Chris broke his leg.' That was all. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, profanity flew out of my mouth, and a huge, disgusting lump formed in my throat as I hung up the phone. I quickly left the office, got into my car, and drove Chris' cousin and myself up to the barn. Words can't begin to describe what went through my mind in that (long) 30-second haul up the road.

Upon our arrival, we found Chris back down in the mud, ghostly pale and profusely sweating. Coworkers described the incident as, 'he was stepped on by a cow, then there was a 'crack'.' His entire face and body clenched and scrunched as he grabbed onto his left knee and leg. Chaos swarmed as others arrived at the scene. After I realized he wasn't really responding to our questions, I immediately cleared out the trunk of my vehicle and pushed the back seats down. We slowly got him into my car and stripped him of his manure- drenched uniform.

As he sat there, wounded and dirty, I noticed him start to come around. Luckily, there were no protruding bones or bleeding orifices. His only visible injury was a red hoof-like print beside his knee that dragged down his calf, but we still opted for an ER trip. I drove off to our house for fresh clothing, and then to the hospital. After we arrived and he was wheeled in, my nerves finally calmed as he began to joke about his low pain thresh hold. Thank goodness his humor was still intact... and that I'm the one who will (one day) birth our children. 

Of course we waited, and waited, and waited, and then, waited some more. And in between all the waiting I listened to the tale of Chris vs. cow. All of the hospital personnel seemed to think it was the greatest story ever told (I heard it about seven times in three hours). But I guess it's not every day they treat a cattle-trampled victim. Anyway, x-rays were finally taken to reveal great news: NO BROKEN BONES! Chris is one lucky guy... I cringe at the thought of what could have been. The nurse practitioner set him up with crutches, a pain-killer prescription and baby-blue booties, then sent us home.

Needless to say, he was well taken care of (and loved every second of it). We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, then to Arby's for a quick lunch... note that I am ashamed we stopped at two drive-thru eateries on the way home, but making lunch was just about the last thing I wanted to do, and Chris really wanted coffee (it was Indiana's DD grand opening!!). When we got home, I tucked my bruised honey into bed, cleaned the cow crap out of my car (gross), and then made my way to the store for a few get-well essentials.
Despite his pain and agony the last couple of days, I do believe Chris enjoyed the doting. I guess men rarely find the chance to babied, so when the opportunity arises (IE: being run down by an angry mother cow), they take full advantage to soak up as much love and tenderness as possible. Chris kept tissues, ginger ale, his meds and the t.v. remote bedside, only getting up to use the bathroom, and was served all three of yesterday's meals in bed. I made him peanut butter toast for breakfast and two different types of (homemade) soups for lunch and dinner. He even kept those cute hospital socks on for the majority of his recovery. While this is kind of adorable, I am in no way undermining his injury, and I think that being plowed over by a 1,200-lb. beast is very manly and bad ass. Although, I never want to experience this kind of fiasco again, ever, I am happy to report that Chris is feeling much better and back at work today.


  1. Yay! Glad Chris is on the mend! And homemade soups, Keri? Impressive.

  2. i'm so glad hes okay! this is a very well-written story i love it. (yay for DD grand opening!!)

  3. Thank you for all the sweet comments, ladies! <3


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