There's a mantis at the door

What do you think about symbolism? I've heard that a praying mantis comes to us when serenity and peace is needed in our lives. So, I found it inspiring to stumble upon this creepy creature on our front porch the other day. I could definitely use a little less chaos in my life. Although, my reaction to her at first glance would suggest otherwise. I was absolutely terrified. There was a lot of screaming, 'sqeaming' and jumping around... quite chaotic. Anyway, after realizing that she wasn't going to ferociously attack, I swept her up into a mason jar and onto an ear of corn for a closer look.
She was aware, calm and living life at her own little peaceful pace. It seemed as if every quiet step and glance was a well-thought-out decision. I did a little research and read that in most cultures these insects symbolize stillness, creativity, awareness and patience. So maybe this was a good omen. Sure, a praying mantis is predatory bug whose main function is to eat other bugs (and sometimes their mate's heads)... but who's to say that when one perches at your doorstep it doesn't mean more than a pest-free yard? Either way, I'm taking this encounter as a little reminder to slow down, find balance, and to be mindful of the choices I make.
Message received, mantis. Thanks!


  1. great post! maybe this is also why we did the praying mantis dance so much as kids!!

  2. Yes, perhaps we were subconsciously craving peace and balance at the ripe, old age of 12.. Hmm.

  3. What a fun find! My kids would have LOVED to have found that in our yard. I on the other hand would have freaked a bit. :)


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